Friday, 13 January 2012

my best friend

friend are someone that we can share a opinion and problem.friend also can be help us went we need help in the hard time.I have many friend but i only have one best friend.

my best friend is Tengku Nurjamiella binti Tengku Abdullah.I have known her for four years. I first close her when she joined my class in from 1. We have been friend ever since then. She has a long hair . His hair is black and straight.She has small eyes,a pointed nose and a wide mouth.She is usually smilling and so she has a very pleasant ,friendly face.
One of the best things about her is that she is very caring person.She willing to help anyone in trouble and you can always depend on her.So, it not surprising that she is one of most popular girls in school.I think one of the reasons that nurjamiella and i get along so well is that we have many things in common. We are both prefect and member in the class. Our hobbies too are similar.we both like reading and playing are sports.

Nurjamiella is truly a very good friend.she has always helped in times of trouble . I normally share all my problems with her because she gives me good advice.she also encourages me whenever i fell down.
I am very thankful that i have such a good friend like tengku nurjamiella.I hope that we will remain friends always..friend 4 ever... :)

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